Life Thru a Lens

Not another one…
August 7, 2007, 11:35 am
Filed under: Random stuff

Well here I am, two years late, with a blog built around nothing but a very weak pun (yes, Lens is what people call me at work) while the whole PR industry has been chattering away merrily for some time.

Probably not the best way to guarantee a spectacular entrance. But I figure I have a personal and professional interest about this stuff (stuff being a deliberate way not to use any of the W*b 2.* / s8cial m*dia descriptors) so thought I’d give it a lash and try to get involved.

Of course, the hard lads who got on before me and nabbed the back seats will probably start throwing sweets, calling me names and flicking my ears while they sniff marker pens, but I’m big enough to take it. Nothing I didn’t go through at school already.

So that’s it really. Motivations justified, a self-depreciating gag to pacify the hardened bloggers, and I’m away. See you around. Possibly.