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The real big story…
September 25, 2007, 2:01 pm
Filed under: PR, Tech

…if you work in OCTANE and are into tech, which I understand is a niche market, is that we scooped the CNET Networks PR Campaign of the Year last night. Unashamed self promotion, but what the hell.

It’s our first award all on our own you see (rather than basking in our mother brand’s reflected glory) so we’re understandably chuffed. We got it for the Postini campaign (on-demand communication security and compliance solutions don’t you know) which has been a ‘fantastic journey’ as they say on X-Factor.

The lovely people at CNET even let us use the logo. Look. Here it is. Proof.

Wow. I upload my first blog pic and we win an award all in one day. I think I need to go and sit down for a bit.


Slow news day
September 25, 2007, 1:44 pm
Filed under: Random stuff

Hmmm, not getting the hang of this regular blogging lark. And who can blame me. Especially as the top story on Sky News (yes, they actually said “today’s top story”) is the Jeremy Kyle Show headbutt.

Things wot I learnt from it:

1/ Jeremy Kyle show participants are actually people. I always thought they were actors. But people like that actually do live in Britain. You may shop next to them in Tescos. Scary.

2/ Jeremy Kyle show producers sometimes wind them up like rabid dogs before unleashing them on stage. So unless you start insulting their mother or calling them “girlfrieeeend” you should be alright.

Life changing stuff. I feel much more rounded today.