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Criminal connections
August 22, 2007, 3:47 pm
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So you start a blog and then you get the busiest week you could have, your football club goes into meltdown, and you just forget about it. Which kind of defeats the object really.

Oh well. Hardly back with a bang, but I thought this was quite amusing.

Kind of begs the question really, which activity is more criminal? Nicking a wireless connection or leaving it open in the first place? Slaps on the wrists all round say I.

And who hasn’t tried to steal a bit of banwidth when they desparately needed it/wanted to check Facebook? Granted, not as blatant as sitting on the front path with a laptop (respect), but there’s not much difference really.

We did some client research recently, and about 10% of Europeans from memory steal wireless access from their neigbours. The Poles are apparently the most prolific at this. So if you live next door to one (which is entirely likely where I’m from, and especially as Mrs L is from that neck of the woods) then put a lock on it pronto.


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Ridiculous. I resent the Broadband Act or the Web 2.0 Act or whatever rubbish it is that means people can spill broadband access into the street then prosecute people for using it.

I think anyone that floods the road in front of their house with wifi should be charged with littering. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there…

Comment by Jon Silk

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