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Fantasy football 2.0 style
August 7, 2007, 12:56 pm
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Now I’m probably late to this too, but it’s not often my line of work and the beautiful game get it on in such a public manner, so I’m going to write about it anyway.

You can now buy into a consortium of thousands which is looking to take over and run a football club. The theory is simple – you pay your 35 quid and when enough people are signed up the founders start talking to the top prospects – selected by members of course. And (one of the reasons I suspect I’m very late) over 50,000 appear to have done so already, thanks to word of mouth and a light dusting of national coverage.

Talks are apparently underway now critical mass has been reached, so we’ll see what develops.

It’s an interesting experiment to test the boundaries of the user-driven, collaborative, wiki-wiki-world we’re so often told about. But the proof will be in the pudding. If a club (Leeds are currently top not surprisingly) did react favourably to the proposition, could it really be the democratic dream that it appears to be? Somebody has to pose the questions, look after the finances, make small decisions etc. And is general consensus always the best option? Is the repeated referendum model actually workable in practice?

Obviously we could have a debate here about the viability/impossibility of true democracies, but I’ll leave that to someone with a PhD.

Clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona like to think they’re owned by the fans – but everybody knows it’s the Nuñez and Laportas of the world who have historically made all the major decisions. So we’ll see if harnessing technology, a social phenomenon and plenty of enthusiasm can take this a stage further.

I’m going to sign up anyway so I can watch something that, at the very least, is an interesting social/business experiment from the inside (albeit probably a few thousand virtual rows back from the pitch).

Maybe I can convince them to buy Arsenal and run it into the ground?


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Good to see that even in this league Arsenal are ahead of Spurs!!

Comment by Eb

Need empanada pics!

Comment by Drew B

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